Thursday, May 31, 2012

my how time flies

WOW.  This is the only word that surfaces in my brain as I think about this day.  Today is my BABY'S last day of kindergarten.  Surely after this year, moving on to the next grade won't seem like such a monumental thing.  But kindergarten?  It is such a milestone. 

And now it's over.

One part of me is saying, "Thank you God for getting him through this first year of school!"   And the other part of me wants him to stay there.  Forever. 

Wasn't it just yesterday...

  • ...that Scott and I were sitting at the Steven Curtis Chapman concert and BOTH felt God's call to adopt Internationally.
  • ... I opened my email to find a 15 day old, chubby-cheeked, head full of hair Mayan package with our name on it.
  • ...I decorated a nursery not knowing when or IF a baby would fall asleep there.
  • ...I waited (not so) patiently for God to deliver my blessing home.
  • ...We flew to Guatemala to spend Christmas with our baby for the first time, only to turn around and fly home without him.
  • We were waiting....and waiting....and praying....and waiting more.
  • I was sitting in a movie theatre in Easley, SC, when my telephone rang delivering the MOST amazing news! 
  • We brought JP home to America FOREVER!

Wasn't it just yesterday?  And yet here we sit two months before his 6th birthday.

JP,  Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of you!  You have the most amazing spirit and the most beautiful smile.  You are smart, witty and FULL of charm.  I love to listen to you read.  You have learned so much this year in "big boy" school and I pray that God will walk with you through this next year as you grow in 1st grade!

We love you MORE than you will EVER know. 

My, how time flies!

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