Saturday, May 5, 2012

just a saturday afternoon

 Nothing like washing cars and playing in the water hose!

 "Helping" daddy...

 I am seriously allergic to grass.  When it's wet, it is so much worse...I wore these boots (despite my husband's laughter) to keep from having to overdose on Benadryl later!

 Washing the mats.
 Scott loves these almost as much as the truck!  It's sort of ironic that we found them in Tennessee.
 Trying out our Super Soaker from Bubba and Natalie.

 So stinkin' handsome...

 Scott told him NOT to make a mud hole.  Naturally, that's exactly what he does...

We had a wonderful day today.  JP woke up around 7:00.  He was in the bed with me, so we turned on the television.  He watched cartoons while I drifted in and out of consciousness until he wanted breakfast at 8:00.

I got up and cleaned up the house a little and then laid BACK DOWN in the bed until Scott got home from the golf course.  I'm telling you, my job is wearing me out these days. 

After lunch, we went out and washed the truck and Scott helped dad do a little bit of yard work.  We came back in around 2:30.  JP laid down and watched a movie and I laid BACK DOWN on the couch and fell asleep until time to get a shower!  We met Scott's family for dinner and hung out at their house for a while.  Preston went with us, which was fun.

I hope every one's had a great weekend so far!

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