Tuesday, May 8, 2012

it's that time of year again...

 Our little trouble-maker looking for trouble!

 Words cannot express the love I have for these two boys.
 Preston's new "melmo" water shoes!

 Sweet mommy with her sweet baby...

 This smile is ONE of the reasons I get up each morning!
My goodness, what an awesome day!  It began with a wonderful worship service at church.  (Today is Sunday, although this post is scheduled to be published on Tuesday...) 
Then, Laurie, the boys and I went to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays.  Yum-E!  And let me tell you, our two piggy's tore up the salad bar!  And then we were off to Walmart where we dropped a load of $ on mostly pool STUFF.  I am so excited that it is almost summer.  Obviously the main reason is because I do not work all summer.  I LOVE being outside at the pool.  It truly does wonders for my stress level.  And what an awesome babysitter.  I can always count on JP sleeping well after he spends an afternoon in the water.
I think I only have fifteen full days of school left.  Not that I'm counting!

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