Monday, May 21, 2012

my dad, our hero (armed forces parade)

 a wounded Veteran

 A Navy man thanking our Marine for his service - this was a priceless moment!

 It literally melts my heart to see my Guatemalan gift waving his American day he'll understand the significance.
 WW11 Vet sitting behind us (probably wondering why the girl in front of him kept snapping pictures!)
 Proud Vietnam and WW11 Veterans
 We're proud of our Papa!

As I was uploading these pics, something went wrong.  A few of them did not post.  I may try again tomorrow.  I believe I'm missing the Marine soldiers marching and possibly a few others.

We had an incredible time Saturday evening at the parade downtown.  It meant a lot to my dad for all of us to be there with him...although he would probably never admit it! :)   I have always been one to get teary-eyed when it comes to the military, but several times during the parade random people came up to dad to "thank" him for what he did.  It was so emotional.  Especially for him.

However, NOTHING compares to what happened when we were getting ready to leave.  A man came up to dad with his young son (probably 8 or 10 years old).  The man shook dad's hand and thanked him for his service.  Before the son reached out for dad's hand, he removed his hat. 

OH MY GOODNESS!!  First of all, kudos to the dad of this little guy for teaching him respect and admiration for the military and servicemen.  I can only imagine what this did to my dad's heart!  I can tell you that he wasn't able to talk for a few minutes afterwards.  (And I won't mention how Laurie and Scott were blubbering idiots the WHOLE time.) 

If you've never attended the Armed Forces parade in downtown Greenville, I strongly suggest you give it a try next year!

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