Friday, May 11, 2012

friday night

Mom, Laurie, Preston, JP and I set out tonight for a nice dinner at a restaurant.  I suppose our first mistake was not deciding in advance exactly where we wanted to go.   Olive Garden.  Mmmm, right? NOT!  Our lack of organization led us through the parking lot and right back out onto the road.  It was PACKED.  Waiting an extended amount of time with a 13 month old and a 5 year old is never an option!

Off we go.

Texas Roadhouse.  Sounds delicious!  NOT.  Once again, the parking lot was filled with anxious customers awaiting the BUZZ  from the vibrating coaster. 

So, where did that leave us?   DENNY'S.  Although we enjoyed our time together, (as we always do),  it just was not the same! 

We can take these two little monkeys anywhere!  They are so sweet and such good sports.  We didn't end up eating until after 8:00. 

I guess next time we venture out on the outskirts of our usual take-out, we'll make sure we have an itinerary and a map!

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