Wednesday, June 13, 2012

hump day

Today was a good day.  We slept in... thank You, Lord!  I usually do not put JP on a night time schedule until the middle of July.  For now, I let him stay up watching movies/television etc. until he gets tired.  It normally does not take that long b/c we are so active during the day.

We went to the local movie theatre this morning to see Dolphin Tale.  It was the featured $1 movie this week.  We made it halfway through before JP decided he was bored.  We've seen the movie several times.  (BTW, if you haven't seen it, watch's worth your time!)

After lunch, my friend Angela brought her son over to swim with us for a while.  It was really nice outside.  The water is STILL COLD!  What is up with that??!!  It is so frustrating.  Our winter was not even that cold.  Oh well.  Preston joined us for about an hour.  I took some really cute pictures.  I'll share later in another post.

Other than swimming and hanging around Greenville, we are just being pretty lazy.  It is SO nice not to have a plan. 

No alarm.
No time schedule.

Oh how I love summer! 

I did receive an email this morning that I was the featured writer on a Christian website today.  Here's the link.  I was pretty excited.  At the very least, it is good exposure.   

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