Friday, June 15, 2012

chuck e cheese, please

We met Joseph and his grandmother, Cindy, at Chuck E. Cheese this morning. ( I will share the rest of the pictures from today later on...)

For those of you who may be new to my blog, we adopted our son from Guatemala.  Three hours out of the city is a place called Solola, Guatemala.  In Solola there is a "big white house,"  as JP calls it. The Eagle's Nest, a Childrens' Home run by local missionaries.  JP and Joseph were at the home together as babies.  Joseph's grandmother and my aunt attend church together...the rest is history!  We obviously met J's family and have tried to keep the boys in touch with one another. 

I cannot explain to you what it does to my heart to see these two together.  We know lots of other children who are from Guatemala, but for God to allow my son to grow up with a child from the same children's home is simply amazing to me.  He is so good.

We had a great time.  JP and J are so funny!  They both talk a LOT!  When we first met with them, when they were younger, they would mainly stare at each other.  Their faces were always painted with a, "Hey,  you look like me" expression.  Now that they are older and understand more about where they are from, they hug and show excitement when they see each other.  It melts my heart.

So, thank you Erin and Tim for sharing your precious son with my family.  We love you guys and are so thankful for the bond that these two will continue to share as they grow!

And most of all, thank You God, for sharing BOTH of Your boys with our families.  We are blessed because of it.

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