Wednesday, October 24, 2012

surgery date

My sister FINALLY has been given a date for her surgery!!!  I am so happy that all of her physical issues will (hopefully) be coming to an end.  Your job in this is to join me in praying for her.  I have listed specific prayer requests:

  • Peace -  Laurie is very scared of this surgery.  Since Preston was born (18mo ago) she has suffered (literally) through three surgeries and multiple infections.  The surgery will last 6 to 8 hours and due to her history, she is at a higher risk for infection with this one.
  • Surgeons -  Pray that God will guide their hands as they work on her and that they will be able to SMOOTHLY repair all the damage that has been done and remove the organs that need to be removed with no complications.
  • Family -  Mom, dad and I will be basket cases. We have been here TOO MANY times before.  The outcome has not been in our favor.  WE ARE PRAYING THAT THIS TIME WILL BE MUCH, MUCH DIFFERENT! 

I guess that's it.  The surgery is November 13th at 1:00pm.  We covet your prayer support and love you because of it. 

It's time for Laurie to be able to enjoy her little curly-haired blessing.

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