Wednesday, October 3, 2012

update on my sister

First of all, YES, I am typing this after midnight.  YES it is odd for me to be awake after midnight.  But for those of you who can move past that, I will share with you (tastefully) what is going on with Laurie.  A lot of you have asked me how she is doing.  That is such a loaded question and bottom line, I only have a small window to write because my Ambien is going to kick in soon and cause me to fall asleep on the keys.  Not good!

Quick back story for those of you who do not know the story:  Laurie's delivery of Preston was a horrific experience.  I most certainly will spare you the details, but I can tell you that he is 18 months old and she is about to have her 3rd surgery to correct the damage.  She is not able to walk really well right now, so thankfully she is home where we can all chip in and help take care of the monsters children.

She has an appointment with the surgeon on October 15th.  We are HOPING we will then have a surgery date.  The surgery will be very involved and quite frankly a little nerve racking for all of us.  It will take 6 to 8 hours, and multiple surgeons.  I am choosing to share this information publicly because we can use all the prayers we can get. 

I am normally a fairly early bird when it comes to getting in bed at night.  I just thought the picture was funny.  Even though she looks nothing like me.  I'm not mad.  I'm actually smiling...don't ask me why

Okay, that's all for this middle of the week mediocre post.  I hope everyone has a wonderful night morning! 


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