Wednesday, April 25, 2012

                              Here's a cute pic of my favorite little man!  How gorgeous is he??

Being the unique blessing that he is, he clips all of his animals onto the collar of Happy the Cat.  Creative, huh?!  (Don't answer that...)  Ha!

Not too much has been going on around the Beam home this week.  I was sick for about 24 hours.  A stomach bug made it's way throughout my classroom.  NOT FUN!  The only positive thing that was born out of my misery was a day off yesterday!  This allowed me to catch up on some much needed rest and a few Dr. Phil episodes that I had recorded.

This weekend I am super excited to attend my baby cousin, Jamie's, wedding!!!!  I cannot believe that he is old enough to get married.  Man, how time flies!  Be sure to tune in for those pictures.  My sweet little Mayan is the ring bearer.  I'm not sure if the world is ready for JP in a tuxedo...

Ladies, hold on to your hearts!

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