Sunday, April 29, 2012

wedding day

 Suiting up for the big moment
 The groom with a mouth full of food
 JP waiting with BJay
 Why not eat a few sour worms while we wait

 Waiting on his cue

How stinkin' handsome

Well, the big day for Jamie and Natalie has come and gone.  It was a LOVELY wedding.  No major mishaps took place, thank goodness!  Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures before, during or after the ceremony of the wedding party.  I am assuming this was at the request of the photographer.  I guess they figure if I'm snapping away with my camera, I'm less likely to purchase pictures from them.  True statement!  I was a little disappointed though.  I missed seeing JP have his pictures taken in the sanctuary.  Although SEVERAL little birds told me what a polite, mannerly young man he was!

I was so proud of him!  He marched down that isle with a big grin on his face and stood on that stage (fairly still) the whole time.  Now, we certainly BRIBED him with a trip to Toys R Us if he cooperated, but hey, it worked!  It was money well spent if you ask me.

Jamie and Nat are in Jamaica as I write.  I sure hope they have a fabulous time.  I'll try really hard not to be too jealous while I'm at work tomorrow.

The next few posts will be devoted to the wedding reception.  There was lots of good food, lots of good company, and lots of WILD dancing!  It made for a very memorable night for all involved!

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