Sunday, April 8, 2012

LOVE gatlinburg

There's nothin' like a game of chase on the playground!

Not quite tall enough...

Scottie acting like the goof-ball that he is!

This was a beautiful Catholic church beside our resort. Their Easter service was so packed, the doors were left open and people were standing on the lawn.
JP has such charm with people. He talks to EVERYONE! One lady he met gave him bird seed to feed the pigeons in the square downtown.

Me & my honey.
The weather today was awesome. We woke up and went to breakfast at the Apple Barn. Being Easter Sunday morning, there was NO ONE there. We had a nice quiet breakfast on the river.
We walked around downtown until JP became possessed by the "I'm 5 years old and I'm tired and whiny" demon. Due to his unbearable complaining, we came back to the condo to NAP and relax for a few hours.
I will continue to post pictures...we are getting up early in the morning and going back to Dollywood for a few hours before heading home. We have had a great time. I am so sad about leaving tomorrow.

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