Thursday, November 29, 2012


 Just look at these baby boys!!!   I love them so much!

I received a text message today letting me know that my new phone has been shipped!  WOO HOO ( I think...). 

Nothing too exciting to report today.  I actually did not have too bad of  a day at work, which is good.  And unusual...ha!  Tomorrow is Friday and I am super excited about that.  I will be without my child, so I am VERY TEMPTED to take a long drive to the mountains.  I sure could use some time to clear my head.  If anyone wants to join me, shoot me an email!!! LOL  The more the merrier!

I am about to head on to bed, I suppose.  Although I will probably remain wide awake listening to my Ipod.  Oh well.  Before I go, allow me to offer a word of advice to my movie lovers...

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT watch this movie!!  I was so excited about it for two reasons.  1)  Michelle Williams (AKA Jenn from Dawson's Creek) was the main character.  2)  It was suppose to be a romantic comedy/drama.  In my opinion, it was BY FAR the strangest movie I have ever seen!!  Basically, I lost two whole hours of my life that I can never get back!  :(

And speaking of Jenn and Dawson's Creek, I believe it is that time again.  All the DC seasons are on Netflix.  I'm beginning to feel an overwhelming desire to begin them again.  And I think I will! 

Have a GREAT Friday everyone!  TGIF

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