Friday, November 23, 2012

thanksgiving break

 Preston's FAVORITE thing to do is color!
 JP playing with his bat cave

 JP and Preston's new room that they are going to share for a while

 Papa setting up the HD TV and DVR for his spoiled boys
JP and I eating broccoli salad and wheat noodles in the bed while watching Toy Story 3.
Well, we made it through Thanksgiving.  It wasn't too bad.  My uncle (dad's brother) reserved the social hall at his church for the family.  We brought in TONS AND TONS of delicious food and everyone gorged themselves with dressing and dessert.  It was great! :)  My cousin, Allyson, was in town from Arizona, which was fun.  She came over and talked  laughed with Laurie and I until almost one in the morning.  GOOD TIMES!! 
I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.  I guess it's time to begin thinking about Christmas...

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