Sunday, November 25, 2012

moving right along

 JP and Preston's  "suite," as we call it, is moving right along. 
 We are going to switch all of their pictures to black and white and put them in black frames. 

 We are going to either add rugs to the hardwood floors, or carpet them.  We haven't decided yet... First, we'll work on finding matching comforters for the beds.
 I still have a LOT of stuff from JP's old room that I have to bring over.  It's gonna take a while.  But, for now, he is very excited to have his own space!  And so far there has not been any fighting...knock on wood! 
JP's first night in his new room.  The Spongebob movie and popcorn before bed...don't you just LOVE the popcorn smile?! 
What a week.  There is so much I have on my heart that I would love to share.  God is most definitely showing His face in our circumstances right now.  Even in church this morning my fingers ached as I took down notes throughout the sermon.  At some point I will share with you a little about what God is teaching me at this moment in my life.  It's good stuff.  However, it has come with a price.  I guess that is true of most things in life. 
I have FINALLY completed 40 devotions.  Although I missed my self-made deadline, it feels good to have them written.  Now, all I have to do is proofread (that's my mom's job) and add a few prayers/verses to some of them and I will begin looking for an agent to get them (hopefully) published.  Fingers crossed.
I guess that's all for now.  I am pretty tired.  Again, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday.   Oh yeah, one more thing.....
GO COCKS!!!!!!

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