Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This is the kind of post that is scary.  I am sitting here alone in my dark room and I have absolutely no clue what to write about.  I try to have a purpose when I sit down to blog.  I almost ALWAYS have something that I want or need to say.  Tonight, however, I don't.  It's scary because when I sit down without a "plan,"  I wind up writing down whatever happens to be on my brain at the time. 

And, believe me, I have a LOT on my brain.

I think I will throw out a handful of bullets that are shooting through my head at the moment. 
  • I spent most of today moving furniture with my dad.  My entire body hurts!
  • I am dreading work tomorrow.
  • I am so proud of JP - while we were occupied moving things around today, he completely entertained himself.  He is so mannerly and kind.
  • Other times, I want to choke him.  (Just sayin'....)
  • I am really anxious and nervous about my sister's surgery next Tuesday.  So is she.  I am having to remind myself DAILY of what God tells us in the book of Matthew about worry.
  • Lots of things are changing in my life right now.  I have never been afraid of change... until now.
  • You definitely learn who your REAL friends are when you are sitting in a valley.
  • Despite my circumstances, I still feel blessed.  I have an amazing family, extended "family" and friends.
  • Sometimes when you think something is a "God-thing,"  it's not.  Sometimes when you think He's specifically placed someone in your life, He hasn't.  And realizing that hurts.  I need to learn to guard my heart a little more closely.
  • I want to go to Dollywood for Thanksgiving.
  • Hopefully I will be sitting in a condo ON THE SAND in Myrtle Beach the week before Christmas.
Okay, although I could go on (and on) I will stop there.  It's probably pretty boring for most of you to read, but clearly I had a need to jot my thoughts down. 

Tomorrow is HUMP-day.  One more day closer to the weekend...hooray!

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