Thursday, November 1, 2012

trick or treat

 My sweet boy so excited to get candy!! 

 He went to MOST of the houses by himself...there were a few he was scared of!

 There was even a fire-eating lady at one house!

 The CUTEST trick or treaters on the block.
 Arrgh!  How cute is he?!  My family took Preston to our church carnival...he won 2nd place in the costume contest!  LOL
Last night was a lot of fun for the boys.  The only thing I hated was not taking them together.  Mom, dad and Laurie took Preston to church and JP wanted to go to a local neighborhood that ROCKS Halloween night!  I guess the important thing is that they both had fun.
I hope that everyone has had a HAPPY Thursday...I am SO BEYOND happy that tomorrow is Friday.  It has been a LOOOOONG week for me!  I am looking forward to the weekend.  I will close out with a couple of prayer requests:
  1. My 2nd dad, Dale's, dad had a surgery today.  Please pray for his quick recovery. 
  2. CONTINUE to pray for Laurie as her surgery draws near!  We are all very, very anxious!

I also want to give a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my baby sis, Laurie!  She is 28 years old today!  Man, she has been through hell and back over this past year.  She is a real trooper and a better person because of her trials.  She cannot see it now, but everyone around her does.  I love her so much and thank God for the part she plays in our family.  So, Happy Birthday baby girl!  You are very loved!

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