Tuesday, November 27, 2012


If you've come here tonight seeking encouragement, feel free to leave now.  I do not feel encouraging.  I tried.  I literally sat here for thirty minutes and typed out a really long and UNBELIEVABLY boring post, full of Bible references and spiritual analogies.  It probably would have made you feel good.

It made me GAG! 

The truth is, I cannot sleep.  My brain will NOT shut off.  I've tried everything from reading, listening to music, to praying.  Yet, here I am still wide awake.  And I am mad about it.  I have been drowning under waves of stress and anxiety these past few months.  Just when I feel like I am successfully rising above the water, I begin to sink again. The last thing I need is to lose more sleep.  I am so tired.  Mentally and physically.  I'm not sure why I am writing this, other than for you to pray.  I need to experience God's peace.  I need to let go of the things I cannot control and the actions of those around me.  I need to be reminded that I am not alone in my trials.  No matter how hard Satan tries to convince me that I am.  I'm not. 

Believe it or not, I am going to stop here.  I'm telling you, my mind is so slammed right now I can't seem to sort out my thoughts.  So, again, I'll just ask you to pray for me.  I covet your prayers and thank you, in advance, for them.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.  Check back later, maybe my mood will swing in a different direction (it tends to do that) and you'll actually be able to enjoy what you read! 


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