Thursday, September 12, 2013

drum roll...

I finally have my book!!!!!!  And the even better news is, because I pre-ordered it, I was able to buy the other book (that I was not even familiar with ) at a discounted price!!  I cannot stand how excited I am! 

I spent all day today in the bed trying to regain my strength.  This strand of strep was a booger.  My throat was never too sore, but the fatigue and headache kicked my tail!  I had ONE MILLION things that I needed to do this week, but I just didn't have the energy.  I am working all day tomorrow and Friday, so I needed the rest.

It took everything ounce of restraint that I had not to begin reading the smaller book tonight.  I did, however, open the front cover and read the inside flap. 

I will be excited to share this with's going to be a GREAT one, I can already tell!

I hope you all have a super Thursday! 

(This is my goal when it comes to JP.)
(And this is what God is helping me with.  Daily.)

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