Tuesday, September 10, 2013

let's escape

It never fails.  No matter how crazy life gets, I know exactly where I can go to find solace.  There is NOTHING like a good book to carry you off into another world.  Far away from your reality. 

And if you are anything like me, sometimes you just have to escape reality!

I go back and forth between the types of novels I like to read.  Right now, I am reading anything by James Patterson.  And I am loving it.  Any time there is a lull in my day, (rare, but it happens), I enjoy sinking into one of his exciting stories.  If you have not read James Patterson, you must.  His books are classified as suspenseful, murderous thrillers.  They are every bit of that!  If I had to recommend that you begin with a particular book, I would suggest you pick up "Beach Road."  (Pictured above).  This was the very first novel I read by Patterson.  The twists and turns are consistently surprising and the only disappointment you'll encounter is when you have read the last word on the final page. 

I finished this little treat this afternoon.  Five out of five stars. 

As soon as I finish typing this post, I plan on diving head first into this one!  I cannot wait!

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