Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The boys and I drove out to the Christian bookstore tonight.  I was so anxious and excited to get my hands on Max Lucado's new book,  "you'll get through this."  (I blogged about the book HERE.)  We flew into the store to learn that the book is not going to be released until September 10th.  BOO.  I was so disappointed.  However, the great news is,  I was able to pre-order it for TEN dollars less than it will be sold for on the day of it's arrival!  Woohoo! 

That's a deal.

While in the store, I spent time walking up and down the aisles waiting to see if a particular book grabbed my attention.  I am not sure what I was looking for.  I decided to ask the sales associate if they had a section of books about divorce.  Of course the answer was "yes," and he kindly led me to what I thought would be the "Divorce" section.  Not that you would necessarily label it "Divorce,"  but believe it or not the store's (limited) selection for the topic was nestled in between the Love and Marriage books.  Seriously, on the same shelf.  Really?  There is no other place in the store you could have housed the (maybe) four books I found? 

I left empty handed.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't mad at all.  It was just a little frustrating to be exposed to titles such as, "How to Date your Mate,"  and " Slow Dancing with your Best Friend"  while I am searching for a book that might provide me with a few post-marriage survival tips!

I am not going to give the name of the store because that wouldn't be appropriate.  It's a wonderful store and I'll certainly continue to shop there.  When I do, however,  I now know to steer clear of the (not so) divorce section while shopping!  

Happy Tuesday everybody!  I'll leave you with a few funnies...

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