Monday, September 23, 2013

happy monday!!

* Edited to add:  I went back to preview this post and realized how negative it is.  I almost changed it, but I decided not to because when I wrote it, it is how I was feeling.  And that is the purpose of a blog, right?!  So, enjoy... hahahaha! 

Unfortunately, I am in one of "those" moods.  I will not share with you the details of what prompted my poor attitude.  I will just tell you that someone was MEAN to me today (Sunday).  And that upsets me. 

I digress.

It has been a good weekend. 

Friday night, my gals took me out to California Dreaming to celebrate my birthday. As always, it was a fabulous time!  I love these two girls!

Today I spent time studying at Furman.  It was perfect weather.  After a couple of hours, JP's dad brought him to me.  JP and I spent time at the pond.  We ran in to a copperhead snake.  That was less than thrilling for me!  But, JP LOVED it!  I am just thankful we saw it before it found us.  It was definitely NOT afraid of us being there.

I guess that's about all.  I have a test to take this evening, so I need to run.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

(The following quotes come to you as a result of how I am presently feeling.  In addition to being YELLED at today,  I have also been reminded this weekend of how people disappoint you.  One day I will learn not to get my hopes up...)


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