Wednesday, September 11, 2013

home sick but excited

I have had a lot of time on my hands today.  I took a test last night and I didn't have a teaching job today, so I was a free woman!  That is until the strep bug took up residence in the back of my throat last night.  Fun.  I wasn't surprised.  This week, it had already claimed four out of the six people that live in this house. So, now we are just praying that Papa doesn't fall prey. 

It's awful.

Although I have felt like $&^* today, I couldn't help but daydream about a few up and coming events that I am SUPER excited about! 

Thanks to one of my favorite friends, *wink*,  I have a ticket to see Florida Georgia Line at the Bi lo Center in November.  If you know me, you can imagine how happy this makes me!  I cannot wait!

Max Lucado's book was released TODAY in stores.  If you have not rushed out to purchase yours, what are you waiting for??!!!  My contagious state has kept me confined to my bed today, but rest assured I will be at the store first thing tomorrow morning to grab this prize! 

My friend, or actually JP's friend, John and I are singing "Unredeemed"  THIS Sunday!  And I am pumped!

The above picture is my favorite!  We booked our condo at Myrtle Beach for the week of Thanksgiving!  I love being at the beach during the fall months.  The weather is always perfect.  There's nothing like a cool salty breeze and a massive Thanksgiving spread outdoors with your favorite people on Earth!

Hmmm, let's that it?  I guess so.  For now. 


A very special birthday shout out to my "bubba!"  I love you!! 
(Fyi, my birthday is THIS SUNDAY!  If any of you need ideas for gifts, don't be shy....just ask!!)  Haha!  

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