Friday, September 27, 2013

today's to-do list

This just about sums it up. 

Today, (Thursday), was a really good day.  I got to teach with some of my favorite people today.  And I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. 

I am very excited because I do not have a teaching job tomorrow (Friday).  It will be a perfect start to what I pray will be the perfect weekend.  I do not have much planned for the weekend.  JP and I are hanging out and having dinner at some friends' house Friday night.  Saturday and Sunday are OPEN.  I always love that.  Of course Saturday we'll watch our Gamecocks play!  Other than that, if the weather is nice, I hope to get "out and about" around town. 

Now is a good time to send a public SHOUT OUT to all of my amazing friends (you know who you are) who messaged me yesterday afternoon.  I took JP to the park after work.  My phone was going dead, so I turned it off for a while and left it in my car.  I turned it back on when we got back in the car to leave and it blew up with text and Facebook messages from some of the most awesome people in my life. Some shot me scripture.  Several just said "hello, I am thinking about you."  And others just told me they loved me.  And those are the VERY BEST kind of messages.  The kind that are unprompted.  Unexpected.  "Just because" messages.

It made my heart feel really good. 

It seems silly that a girl who lives in a house with FIVE other people could be lonely.  But, the circumstances I am living in can be VERY lonely at times.  I think that's common for anyone who has experienced a trauma or loss in their life.  You are left feeling very alone.  There are days when you look around and realize that there are very few people who know how you feel and what you have been through.  You are alone. 

This is why days like today are so special to me.  The feelings of loneliness do not last long.  God is always faithful to whisper sweet words of encouragement into your ear through the mouths of your friends and family. 

Every night I post a quote of some kind on Facebook.  Last night's quote said, "I just want to feel pretty."  Doesn't every girl want to feel pretty?  Well, thanks to my guys and girls this afternoon, I didn't just feel pretty, I felt beautiful.  Without any of them saying those words.  They didn't have to. 

Actions speak MUCH louder than words.  Thank you guys. 

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