Friday, October 4, 2013

friday favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends and family!  Sit back, relax and enjoy my new "series" I will be calling, Friday Favorites! 

Here are a few of my most favorite photos from the archive:

 Me and my other half (who had a birthday this week, btw...) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet girl!
 This is me and my dog, Sandy.  I miss her so much!!  When JP and I moved in with my parents, I wasn't able to bring her along.  That's all I can say about that...I will cry. 

 JP and the "other Joseph."  These boys are too cute together...especially when they were babies!

 This is DEFINITELY one of my all time favorite moments.  My cousin, BJay, and his wife were married on a golf course in Charleston.  JP was the most precious member of their wedding party, if I do say so myself!  Look how tiny!

 And, of course, I had to include this one.  He was also in my other cousin, Jamie's wedding.  So handsome.

 Preston and my dad's brother, Doug.  LOVE this.

 No caption necessary...

This is one of my good friend's little girl, Erin.  She's a beauty, inside and out!

Favorite quotes:

 Even on the not-so-good days, I STILL try to find a reason to laugh!  It truly is good for the soul.

 This could not be more true.

   Rejection has become a part of my story now.  At least, it's how I perceive things.  This reminds me that GOD is NOT finished writing my story... and it gets BETTER.  Thank You, God.

 Wow. This is another difficult truth. You know the moment when you think you have a REAL connection with someone, and you look forward to knowing them on a deeper level only to wake up and realize that the relationship was more important to you than it was to them.  I have certainly learned (and apparently am still learning) the hard way that friends really do come and go.  I just have to learn to recognize the purpose for their company and learn to be thankful for the time I share with them. However short it may be. I also have to learn to move forward, confident that God is planning amazing things for my life.  I will continue to walk forward and trust that those who are meant to be a part of my life will follow. God has MORE than proven his faithfulness to me.  It am pretty sure He knows what He's doing...

While I have had a career, I am not what you would label a career oriented person.  My job has been important to me, but never more important than my family and friends.  I am proud of that.  The things of this world will fade.  Jesus, family and REAL friends are forever.

 Life does go on.  I am living proof.

I am taking steps NOW to create my future.  It is really exciting.
Those are my FAVORITES for today!!
I have nothing planned for this weekend.  Tomorrow I will, of course, be watching football!
Praying for a win over Kentucky....GO COCKS!! 
And just so I don't leave out my Tiger family, (Christi and the Big Guy), here is your picture!! *wink* I love you both very much.
I will close out with some random bulleted thoughts:
  • It has been a very long week.  I will actually look forward to teaching a couple of days next week.
  • JP continues to do well in school... I have a conference scheduled with his teacher Friday afternoon, we'll see how that goes!
  • I am having to take Tylenol PM to sleep for some reason.  Otherwise, I am lying in my bed each night wide awake.  UGH.
  • I took JP to Newspring Sunday night for the first time in a while.  He was so happy and cannot wait to go back this week.
  • JP spends this weekend with his dad.  He'll be having fun, which is nice to know.  But, because I have no plans, I am afraid of feeling lonely.  I normally pack my weekends full of stuff when he is away.  This will be a first. Eeeek.
  • I am planning a weekend getaway to Tennessee in a couple of weekends with a friend.  Cannot wait.
  • I am ready for consistent fall weather.  My jeans and boots are calling my name.
  • Florida Georgia Line is just around the corner.....YEEHAW!
  • It seems that God is opening up a very exciting door for me in the very near future.  I will share more as it comes together, but it is going to be AWESOME!!!!!
  • I love it when God takes your pain and allows you to see a glimpse of what He is doing with it.
  • People disappoint me.
  • School continues to roll along...ready for my class to be over with.
  • Looking forward to a Thanksgiving trip to Myrtle Beach.
  • My friend, John, and I will be singing "Bring the Rain" by MercyMe  very soon in church.  If you have not heard this song, GOOGLE it.  The lyrics are amazing.
Alrighty, that's all folks!!  Have a splendid day.

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Kathi Owens said...

I love the pictures and walking down memory lane. I look forward to all of the memories that lay ahead.

Glad Cocks and Tigers are having a great season!