Wednesday, October 30, 2013

just another wednesday post

 Said the writer.

I don't even know how to caption this one.  It is a pretty simple truth.

I have definitely stepped into the boat and am drifting off into the sea of brand new things.  And it is BEYOND exciting!
 Enough said.

Sometimes you really do just need a hug.  A big one.
 And I am not going to wait anymore.  I am moving along.  With a big 'ole smile on my face (most days!).

I am not completely resigned to this one as of  yet.  But it sounds good, right?! 
This one is my favorite for this week!  It makes me grit my teeth and smile all at the same time.  There are always going to be those people who cannot find the time to keep in touch with you.  Even though they "really want to."  
My mom will be thrilled (not!)  with all of the quotes.  I cannot help it.  I am obsessed.  Most of them just make me feel good!  I spend so much time, that I don't have, searching the internet for profound quotes such as these.  I really enjoy reading them, so why not force them on you as well!  :)
Today I learned that I don't hate fifth graders.  LOL.  I have shared with you before how I am enjoying teaching in regular ed. classes.  I do not teach anything over third grade.  Except for today.  I (like always) did my mom a favor and agreed to be in a fifth grade classroom for part of the morning.  And I ACTUALLY liked it!!  I think I would consider doing it again! 
I realized something today that really gave me butterflies.  I just got back from Pawley's Island.  Next month I will be spending Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach.  In December I am heading back to Dollywood, and today, some friends and  I began planning a February trip to Charleston.  EEEK!!!! That, my cyber friends, would be the sound of sheer excitement! YOLO baby. (You Only Live Once)
I think I will close tonight by sharing some prayer requests with you.  I have not done that in a very long time.  So many of you contact me via email or text messaging and offer encouragement and support.  It means so much!  I definitely covet your prayers.  Here goes:
  • Always pray for me to recognize (and accept) God's plan for my future.
  • My college classes. 
  • JP to have continued success in second grade.
  • JP is having issues sleeping again.  This has been a very long and exhausting battle for me.
  • Last week I was made aware of an opportunity... I am praying about joining the writing team at my church's main campus.  I think it could be very exciting! 
  • My family as a whole.
  • My other dad, Dale and his family.  His father is sick with Cancer.  Pray for his comfort, and peace for the entire family.
  • I, along with Mike and John (I think), will be singing this Sunday.
  • And many, many unspoken requests.
That's all for now, folks.  I hope everyone has an amazing Wednesday.  Just one more day until HALLOWEEN!  

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