Sunday, October 20, 2013

have you seen God lately? (and a little from my weekend)

This was a really great weekend.  Friday, my best friend Kerri and I took our boys on a day trip to Dollywood!

We had an amazing time together.  Although, I will tell you that we are planning a trip with JUST US GIRLS!!!  SOON!  But, it is the most awesome feeling to have friends who are really like your family to spend time with.  I love these guys so much, and am so thankful for the time we have to spend together.  Especially when you are walking down tough roads in life. 

Saturday I spent the day with more friends family in Clemson.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  And I will ONLY say this one time... I had a great time.  They do know how to throw a party!  It was very exciting, from the tailgating to the parade.  Kathi's son, Daniel, is in the Tiger band.  It was fun to watch him perform. (And stalk him through the parade...)  We were literally walking within the band as they marched down the hill taking pictures of Daniel while they played.  I'm sure he wasn't embarrassed at all! 

This morning, I woke up and took LOADS of  Ibuprofen in order to make it through church.  Remind me NEVER to attempt Dollywood and Death Valley back to back ever again.  My whole body hurts today!  Luckily, JP came home from his dad's really sleepy.  We spent the majority of the afternoon in bed.  I am not really at a point in my life where being in bed is good for me.  I begin to get sad and anxious.  Once we woke up, the boys ate dinner, and I took them outside to play.  I had prayed for God to lift my spirits. 

He showed me His face within the faces of our beautiful boys! 

And I thanked Him for it.

This will be my final comment/quote about people walking in and out of  your life.  I had to post this one though, because it is so, so, very TRUE.  Especially THIS year.  And recently.  God has been showing me lately how I have devoted far too much of my time to these "friends."  You probably have encountered them in your life as well.  They say all the right things.  And dangle just enough of themselves in your life to keep you hanging on to the relationship, (and I use that term loosely), when in reality they have no intention or are incapable of being there for you.  It hurts, for sure.  But God continues to remind me time and time again that He does not want me to waste time OR tears on these people.  So I have set a goal for myself to work on this in the next few weeks.  It is easier said than done. Unfortunately, in my case anyway, you already have so much emotion invested in them, it's tough to pull back.  But you have to. They have. 
Alright....I said far more than I intended to on that subject.  It is a post in and of itself!  My heart is so sensitive these days.  In my daily quiet time, this is what God and I are working on together.  I need to let go of some things.  And people.  I've already been forced to let go of so much, you would think it would get easier.  It doesn't.  In saying that, I will COVET  your prayers, please!  Pray that I will FORGET what/who needs to be forgotten and FOCUS only on what/who is in front of me.  Thanks!!!

Happy Monday, friends!

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Kathi Owens said...

Amen! Being with our loved ones and sharing life with them is the GREATEST blessing from God! Being with my loved ones is like "seeing" God's love!