Thursday, October 17, 2013

it's the day before friday!

Yay!!  It's Thursday, and that means that tomorrow is FRIDAY!  Woohoo!  What are your weekend plans??  Anything exciting?  My best friend, Kerri, and I are taking our boys to Dollywood for the day tomorrow.  I am SO excited!  If you've never been to Dollywood, you really should go.  I guess if you don't like country music or the Smokey Mountains, it may not be your thing.... but it is so much fun!

On the way back Friday night we are dropping JP off to spend the remainder of the weekend with his dad, so I am not sure what's on my agenda for Saturday and Sunday.  Sometimes no plans are the best plans of all, right?

I have deactivated my facebook account long enough for me to change a few of the settings.  Because of this, I have had to figure out a way to move pictures from my phone to my computer.  Although I can blog and use social media, I am NOT AT ALL what you would call a tech savvy person.  With my dad's help, I think I did figure it out. I wasn't able to download all of my pictures from my Android...would anyone like to guess how many pictures I have on my phone???  SIXTY FIVE HUNDRED!  YIKES!  I think I need to delete just a few.  LOL  Anyway, because I wasn't sure how to transport the photos, I took my Nikon camera with me when JP and I went downtown this afternoon.  I love my camera, but have gotten out of the habit of using it because, to be honest, my phone takes great pictures.  I will share a few of those pictures shortly...

My day began early.  As always.  Dad and I took the boys to school and went to Riverside for our very big famous breakfast!  I then came home, cleaned a little and headed out the door to "work."  My office of choice today was a little Coffee/Tea place at the West End of downtown. 

Not only was I very productive with my writing and studying for my medical class, but I did all of this while drinking SWEET TEA!  I was in heaven.  I will definitely go there again.  It was so peaceful and the food was good too.  I had (homemade) pimento cheese on Italian tomato bread.  Wow.  It was yummy.  And big.  I brought half of it home. 

After I picked JP up from school we went downtown to hang out for the afternoon/evening.  The weather was perfect.

We walked all over downtown.  Beforehand, we ate at a pizza place while people-watching.  So fun!  And can I just tell you that a salad and diet Coke tastes so much better when you're sitting on Main Street.  I love where I live!!

And of course after dinner JP had to roll down the hill in the middle of Falls Park.  Boys!  (And bug bites!)

That was my day.  So much nicer than yesterday.  Thank God.  I will leave you with a few up and coming events I am excited about.  I have shared some of them before, but because I am EXCITED I am sharing them again...
  • DOLLYWOOD on Friday!
  • Next Friday, JP and I are heading to Pawley's Island for the weekend with friends!
  • Every morning I wake up, the Florida Georgia Line concert is closer.  Eeeek!
  • Tomorrow night in class, we are actually making "dummy" books with our manuscripts! It is closer and closer to being finished!  Makes my heart race!
  • I found a new book I am about to buy at the Christian bookstore.  It is called God Loves Broken People by Sheila Walsh.  Cannot wait to read it!
  • I am three pages in to my new children's book.  I described the book in the post that my mother made me delete.  Most of you probably didn't have time to read it before I removed it from the site.  I cannot write about it, but I will tell you that it is a children's book that JP and I are writing TOGETHER!  It's going to be amazing.  And fun.  JP writing a book...can you imagine? LOL
That's all for now.  I hope everyone has a very happy Thursday! 

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