Thursday, October 3, 2013

share your sculpture

I am not an artist.  I draw stick figures and that's pretty much it.  It's quite comical, actually.  I have a good friend on Facebook who is a painter.  She posts her art from time to time on her page for everyone to see.  I am always amazed at her talent.  She can take a picture of anything, and with her brush, transform it into a beautiful piece of art for others to enjoy.

I love that!

God is an artist.  All you have to do is look around to see His portfolio.  He paints the most beautiful pictures.  You have seen them. 

                  Sunsets.  Rainbows.  Trees.

                        Flowers.  Stars.
               Birds.  Clouds.  The ocean. 


The list is far too long to share in this post.  You get the picture.  (No pun intended!)

God is also a sculptor.  These creations are not always visible, but they are there, nonetheless.  Too often we do not recognize them for the masterpieces they are.  I'll share with you a few examples I have seen recently.

  • The baby left in an orphanage, NOW adopted into a loving home.
  • The girl who had an abortion when she was afraid of being a mother, NOW ministering to others who are on the same path she once traveled.
  • The woman from the abusive relationship, NOW volunteering at the shelter for battered women.
  • The husband who lost his wife to cancer,  NOW leading a support group for single fathers.
  • The couple with a child who has special needs, NOW starting a tee ball team for children with the same disabilities so they can experience being on a sports team.
It doesn't matter where your broken pieces come from, or how many you have stored up along the way.  God wants them!  If you hand them over, He will mold, shape and sculpt them into something beautiful for you to share with other people. You may not recognize it now,  but that is the reason for your pain.  
God does NOT place us in our trials. We live in a fallen world.  One where Satan is just waiting to throw us into a fire.  In Luke 22,  he (Satan) asked for God's permission to "have Peter."  God allowed Satan to tempt Peter and then prayed for Him not to fall. 
“Simon, Simon, pay attention! Satan has demanded to have you all, to sift you like wheat..."  Luke 2:31
Like the majority of us, Peter fell. 
Whether you have fallen, or been shoved into your circumstances,  God wants you to stand back up, dust yourself off and hand him the pieces. DO NOT STAY ON THE GROUND!  As Christians, that is our responsibility.  He is the artist.  The sculptor.  He is waiting to turn your pain into a painting.  Your sin into a sculpture.  And when He has finished, He only asks you to do one thing.

 Share your masterpiece so that He can receive the glory.


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