Friday, January 13, 2012

family fun night

Tonight was our family fun night. JP chose the movie, Spy Kids, which I highly recommend. It's very cute. Scott went to Domino's to get our pizza. The pizza was good, but we were very disappointed in the price. They have been advertising their, "pick two of any kind for $5.99" deal on TV lately, so we could not wait to take advantage of it. We ordered 2 medium pepperoni and bacon pizzas. Be careful not to make the same mistake we sure to read below the caption in VERY SMALL print where it says, "each." UGH! In my mind, that is definitely false advertisement, but whatever! The pizza was still good. We just will not drive all the way to Domino's next time. Little Caesars and Pizza Hut are right around the corner!
After the movie, we watched the "JP ADOPTION STORY" DVD that our friend, Terry, made for us when we returned from Guatemala. WOW, is all I can say. Scott and I cried through the whole thing. It was also fun to watch JP watch it. We had to keep pausing it and answering his questions. He wasn't too thrilled that we were so emotional. I had to keep telling him that people cry when they are happy. Now that he's older, he really seems to grasp adoption. Then, as if that weren't enough, we hooked up our old video camera to the television and watched the home movie of our first Christmas with JP in Guatemala. FORGET THE TISSUES, I NEEDED A TOWEL! I had forgotten how small he was. I had also forgotten the emotions that accompanied leaving him. It is amazing how quickly all of that came flooding back. It was such a painful time.
Now that both boys are in bed, (as I should be), I sit here in my Tennessee Snuggie re-reading my blog posts from 2007. Again, WOW! Such raw emotion. How could I have forgotten that? I certainly do not miss it. You know what I do miss? In reading the comments, I was re-introduced to so many other Guatemama's. I LOVED that support system we had. Such encouragement. I wonder how many of you still blog. I would love to hear from you. About the only person I keep up with on a regular basis is Lou.
If you ever stop by, say hello. If not, and by some miracle you read this, I sure am thankful for everyone who helped me through such a difficult trial in my life. It's times like this that I am reminded of how much I appreciate the Internet.
Okay...enough bittersweet for one night. It's past my bedtime.

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