Saturday, January 7, 2012

a little bit about jp

*DISCLAIMER* All of you will not be interested in this post. I am mainly writing it for family members and distant friends who we are not able to see often...I wanted to give them an update on JP!

  • JP is growing up so fast! Most days I can hardly believe it. Here is a bulleted list of some of his personality traits, and his likes/dislikes:

- His favorite color is blue. Hands down! He would be happy if everything he bought was blue.

- He is VERY interested in the weather. Especially tornado's. We have bought lots of books about tornado's. He knows the level of intensity of them and the damage that each level causes. He even knows that the word "tornado" came from the Spanish word, "tronada." He is so smart.

- He really enjoys kindergarten, but often gets in trouble for talking too much! SHOCKER!! He talks NON-stop all day, every day!

- He is learning how to be a "gentleman." He opens the door for ladies and pulls out their chairs. He'll look at me afterwards and say, "Did you see me, mommy? I was a gentleman!" He's always so proud of himself.

- He is almost TOO smart. He learns very quickly, and he loves to read books and play games on the computer. He maneuvers his way around the computer better than I do!

- While he is a very sweet, kind-hearted boy, he certainly has his moments. He has the mouth of a teenager. He doesn't always listen and spends a LOT of time in time out! He has a very short fuse and gets angry over the silliest things. ( I didn't want anyone to think that he was perfect!)

- He LOVES to go to church. We try to read our devotion and our Bible before we get up in the mornings. If I forget (and unfortunately, I do), he'll remind me! He says the sweetest prayers! We talk about Jesus often. He really seems to understand (as much as his 5 year old mind can) what Jesus did for us. He knows that to "get into Heaven" you have to know, accept and love Jesus.

- His hair grows at a crazy rapid speed, and it grows STRAIGHT up! It will not lay down. He's such a good boy when we take him to get his hair cut. I don't even have to stand with him anymore. I don't have to keep up with when he needs it cut. He'll tell me, "Mommy, I need my hair cut because my hair is stretching up really high!"

- He loves Batman, Nick Toons, Tom & Jerry, Smurfs, Spy Kids, Veggie Tales, Casper, any movie or TV show with real animals in it, Toy Story, Wizard of Oz, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and basically any Christmas movie.

- Although he is ALL BOY, he usually wants to get the girl toy that comes with the McDonald's happy meal. Go figure!

- He is extremely loud and loves to sing and dance.

- He loves the outdoors. He enjoys riding his new scooter and playing on any playground. He loves to swing and "explore."

- He LOVES animals more than anything. Especially dogs! He has no fear of any animal. Every time we pass someone (outside or downtown or at Furman) who is walking a dog, he asks me if he can "ask for permission" to pet their dog. It's really cute.

Okay, that's about it for now. I could go on. He is a very interesting little guy. He is very, very OCD. We love him so much it hurts. His smile and laugh are contagious. I am so thankful to God for allowing us to raise him!

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