Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is my son's new favorite show. In the beginning, I was torn. Do I let him watch it? I certainly do not want him to pick up the horrible behaviors of the children on the show. So, for the first time, I allowed him to watch it.

JP has some "junk" in his left eye. I do not think it's pink eye, but rather a cold of some kind. Because of this, we didn't go to church this morning. Scott and I watched the service live on the Internet while JP laid in my bed and watched two episodes of Supper Nanny. I actually think it is going to be a positive thing! All morning long, he's been reciting to us all of the things "wrong" with the way the kids are acting. I have used this as a platform to talk with him about the way his voice sounds sometimes. Maybe watching this show will help JP to recognize when he is not making "good choices."

We'll see....

(FYI, we are having family pictures taken today with Scott's whole family. Hopefully I will be able to post a few in the near future.)

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