Friday, January 20, 2012

i need your input!!

As I've mentioned before, JP is doing pretty well in school. His biggest issue is TALKING TOO MUCH and REFUSING TO WRITE! Scott and I have implemented several different types of discipline.

  • Spanking (Not beating, just spanking)
  • Time out ( Sitting in a secluded area of the house for a period of time)
  • No TV or games (We've taken away television and video games)
  • Simply talking to him. (Explaining to him what is expected and "talking about his feelings."

Obviously, NONE of the above have proven too effective. Well, today his teacher WALKED HIM OUT TO THE CAR and told me that he was on RED! Red is one step before you're sent to the Principal's office. Basically, during instruction he was plugging his ears, playing with fuzz on the carpet, distracting his classmates and refused to write his sentences!

I was so mad!! I first told him that I missed him very much and I loved him. I told him that we, including his teacher, were very disappointed in him because we KNOW how smart he is. After telling him that, I brought him home, sat him at the kitchen table and gave him ice water and blue berries for a snack. While he was eating, I made THREE pages of sentences for him to write.

  1. "I will obey in class."
  2. "I will listen at school."
  3. "I will write at school."

I am making him write EACH sentence 8 times each. I have told him NO TV, NO video games for the rest of the night. I told him that since he chose to play and goof around during class, he had to work at home. He's been sitting at the table for an hour and has written ONE sentence. He's been crying, bargaining with me etc. I do not plan on letting him up until he's done.

This is where you come in: Am I being too harsh on him? Do you have any other ideas for punishment? I would REALLY appreciate your suggestions/input. I do not want to send him the message that he can not work at school and come home and everything be okay. He loves school and I want it to stay that way, but he is not working the way he should.


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