Monday, August 12, 2013

i took a trip today...

...down memory lane.  Tonight JP and I met an old friend and her daughter for dinner.

Once upon a time, (twenty five years ago, to be exact), my family was camping in Ocean Lakes Family Campground at Surfside Beach.  I was on my way in to our RV when I saw a girl about to walk into her camper.  It was late at night and I am not sure why, but I walked over to say hello to her.  Heather was her name and she as fourteen years old.  We had a very short and awkward conversation before parting ways. 

The next day we ran in to one another again.  After lying and telling her I was fourteen we became FAST friends.  We spent the following two weeks together hanging out on the beach and "cruising" around on golf carts in the evenings.  We had SO MUCH FUN!  We introduced our families before our vacation was over. 

And thus began a very long and beautiful friendship.  Our families contacted one another shortly after returning home.  From then on, each time we went camping, Heather and her family joined us.  She is from Woodruff (about twenty minutes from Greenville) so we would take turns spending the weekends with one another.  Some of my favorite life memories are with Heather and her mom and dad.  Unfortunately when I was a sophomore in high school, Ron (Heather's dad), became sick with cancer.  He passed away my junior year. 

Heather and I have traveled down many roads together.  I was there while she and her mother worked to put the pieces of their lives back together after Ron's death.  I was beside her when she got married and she stood with me on my wedding day.  As time passed, life got busy.  I am ashamed to say that since our children came along, we lost touch.  JP just turned seven and her little girl, Cassie turned six.  It has been ALMOST that long since we have seen one another.

Until tonight.  We met at Chick Fil A so the kids could play on the playground while we caught up with one another.  It was an amazing time.  The moment I saw her (and her little mini-me) it was as if no time had passed.  That's a REAL friend.

I have absolutely NO INTENTION of allowing any more time to pass before seeing her again.  When God places someone this special in your life, it is our responsibility not to let them go.

And I do not intend to. 

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