Monday, August 5, 2013

we are back

We are back from the low country!  It was such a nice relaxing trip.  JP had a great time.  We met several people on Sullivan's Island who shared their crabbing tools with us.  He thought it was such a HUGE deal to catch the crabs.  And he did a GREAT JOB!

We found a ton of shells with the animals still living in them.  He LOVED that too.  He thought it was so hilarious that the shell would get up and begin walking down the beach!

JP fed the seagulls his goldfish!

Kathi and I found a little private island within Sullivan's Island.  We named it "KAndrea Island" after us, (yes, we're dorks!), but JP loves it.  It is almost always secluded.  So much nicer than the crowded beaches.  Very peaceful.

This week is my boy's birthday week!  He will be seven years old on Thursday and I CANNOT believe how fast time has passed.  It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from Guatemala.  Our lives have been so unbelievably blessed by him.  I thank God each day for His gift to me.  In light of his birthday, we have a pretty busy week planned, so stay tuned for more updates and most importantly, PICTURES!


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