Sunday, August 11, 2013

wrapping up the weekend

I am so filled with emotion right now.  Several different emotions.  I am afraid that it is one of those nights where I have so much I want to say yet am unable to find the words to say anything at all.  I sat in church both this morning and tonight writing down verses and all sorts of thoughts to share with you.  But, sitting here in my quiet room I cannot seem to put two thoughts together.

Oh well.  I guess that's what you call writer's block. It happens.

I will say that I went yesterday (Saturday) and bought a new comforter and blanket for my bed.  I was super excited about that.  Especially since the blanket says, "Life, Love, Laugh!"  I couldn't believe it when I saw it on the shelf.  There was only one left and boy did I snatch it up FAST!

All I have to do now is buy some decorative pillows that I plan to have monogrammed.  Blue and brown.  My walls are a blue-ish color and the blanket and furniture is brown.  I like those colors together.  I will show you updated pictures when I have them! 

We are getting ready for Gamecock football in our house!  Not long now.  Preston is sportin' his Gamecock attire already.  Lookin' all cute!

I am signed up for two classes that begin in about a week.  That's another very LONG story.  My registration did not go AT ALL as I had planned.  I should have known.  Never make plans for your own life!  Lesson learned.  Over and over again....  The upside is, I found out I will need to take a Humanities course.  I will choose either Creative Writing or Journalism.  I would absolutely LOVE either one of them.  Greenville Tech is not offering those particular courses this semester and maybe not next, so I have emailed the office of admissions at Furman to see if I can sign up for their class.  I am hoping that will work out since I have already taken a writing class there before.  Fingers crossed.  I love their campus.

Another plus is, the Anatomy/Phys class I am taking meets twice a week (in Greer, ugh)  early in the morning.  So, I will have two days a week that I am free to study/write or just BREATHE all to myself.  Therapy.  The other three days (or at least two) I plan to substitute teach.  I hope that goes well.  We'll find out.  I have taught in special education for so long, in fact, it is the only thing I have ever taught.  I will not know what to do in a regular ed classroom.  This is the reason I will not teach above the second (possibly third) grade.  I do believe the fourth and fifth graders would chew me up and spit me out. 

Well, that's all for now.  I have a very busy week with the boys this week.  My sweet boy, Tyler is having surgery tomorrow morning.  Please keep him in your prayers. 


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