Thursday, August 15, 2013

should i see smurfs 2?


I will admit, I wasn't too excited to see this one.  JP chose to see it for his birthday, so we took him.  All I could think about was, how different could it be from the original Smurf movie?  Trust me, it was very different.  It is filled with the same child-friendly AND adult humor you now expect.  The plot is more than interesting, especially for those of us who grew up watching the Smurfs cartoon.

Have you ever wondered why there are FIVE MILLION little blue men, but only ONE Smurfette?  Really.  Where did she come from?  (Where did they all come from, but never mind THAT!).  The Smurfs 2 answers that question in a wildly entertaining fashion.

highly recommend you take your child/children and go see it.  If you do not have a little person to accompany you, go see it anyway!  Most theatres are very one will know you flew solo unless you choose to tell them!!

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