Friday, December 14, 2012

all smiles

Mark your calendars, because two posts from me in ONE day rarely (if ever) happens!  I am awake (boo!) so I thought that I should at least do something productive.  I got on my laptop to write a little.  When I was looking though my documents,  I realized that I had not posted these precious pictures of the boys.  If you are friends with me on Facebook, you've probably seen them, assuming you are on Facebook as often as I am.  So, I hope you think they are as DELICIOUS as I do!!  These boys light up my day!  When I am not pulling out my hair or threatening to choke them, I could just eat them up!  I cannot wait to spend my Christmas break at home with them.

Tonight I went out with friends.  We ate at a GREAT Mexican restaurant and then went to see Breaking Dawn 2.  BOTH were YUMMY!!  I'll spare you the details of my depression over the Twilight series ending.  I could probably even tear up a little if I focused on it long enough. 

Tomorrow, (after sleeping in because I am unable to fall asleep at a decent hour), I am heading to the lake to spend the remainder of the weekend at the cabin.  I will definitely take some pictures, so check back for those.  I will be coming home Sunday in time to pick up JP and go to see the Singing Christmas Tree at Berea First Baptist Church.  When Scott and I were members there, we sang in the tree each year.  It was one of the highlights of my Christmas.  In the five years we were members, I think I only saw the performance ONCE.  So, I am really excited to go back and hear the music.  I think that JP will like it too! 

That's all for tonight... HAPPY FRIDAY (no wait, it's Saturday) HAPPY SATURDAY, everybody!!!

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