Thursday, December 20, 2012

goofing around during christmas break

 SILLY BOYS!!  JP thought it would be a good idea to pull Preston all around the house in his accident WAITING to happen.  And of course, it did!

I'm not quite sure where I would be WITHOUT this man!!  I love my dad so much!
We spent most of the day today moving things over to my parent's house.  We accomplished a good bit.  Things are coming together and it is beginning to feel a little more like home to me.  It is a little sad, though, if I'm being honest.  However, I do thank God EVERY SINGLE DAY for my family and the fact that I have a loving home to call my own.  We are very, very blessed.
Broken, but blessed.
We do not have plans for Christmas until Monday at lunch.  We will be celebrating with my mother's side of the family.  Then, of course, Tuesday SANTA comes!!  Keep checkin' in....I'll be posting pictures for sure!