Saturday, December 8, 2012

helping with the tree....

 Scout hanging around...
Preston telling Scout about the Christmas tree
It's been a VERY laid back day.  Seriously, like an "I'm still in my pajamas" kinda day!  I didn't have a hard week at work at all.  In fact, we only had four students all week long.  It was nice.  Now, I did get home this morning about 1:30 am.  And that would have been okay except that Preston woke everyone up at 5:30!  Needless to say, I napped about mid morning. 
Now that you are aware of my sleeping habits, maybe you can breathe a little easier! LOL.  
Preston was so much fun with the tree.  He was much more excited than we thought.  JP is in Dollywood this weekend with his daddy and cousins, so I'm sure he's having a BLAST!  Although I miss him like crazy, I am so happy he's having fun.
Well, that's all for the moment.... stay tuned for finished Christmas tree pics.

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