Thursday, December 13, 2012

current obsessions & changing gears

I thought I would list for you a few of my most recent obsessions.  I'm sure that the majority of you woke up this morning with the need to know!  So, here goes...

You are already aware that NCIS is at the top of my priority list.  I look forward to Tuesday nights because of this whole family watches it, so it is a lot of fun!  I will also publicly point out that I was SO VERY rudely interrupted this past Tuesday DURING the show with a telephone call... you know who you are!  It better NEVER happen again! ;)

I will FOREVER be obsessed with writing and reading other blogs!!  I love it!!

JP and I are BOTH currently obsessed with walking around Furman.  Especially on the warmer, sunny days.  It's gorgeous there... our favorite spot is next to the practice soccer field.  There is a small pond and LOTS AND LOTS of rocks that you can throw.  I posted pictures of it recently.  Good times!

I have a MAJOR crush on the song, Cruise, by Florida Georgia Line.  I listen to it ALL THE TIME!!  I love getting ready in the morning to this puts me in a good mood!

I am completely obsessed with going to the beach.  And I will not rest until I get to go!  I am consistently daydreaming (as per my most recent post) of my toes in the sand.  So, as I have already said, after Christmas, JP and I are hopping in our car and heading to the coast.   Anyone wanna join us?!

The other group I am crushing on is Thompson Square!  Mercy, they're HOT!!  I love their music and I love them.  They are such a cute should check out their videos if you have not already seen them.

Since purchasing my new phone, I am even more addicted to FACEBOOK.  I have linked my phone with my facebook account.  That was a huge mistake.  Oh well.  At least, I'm connected!  LOL

My sister and I are addicted to renting movies off of on our GOOGLE television.  The movies are cheap and you can rent them before they are available on Netflix or anywhere else.  It will probably be a good thing when she is well and returns to work!  Maybe then I can at least get into bed at a decent hour.

I do not feel like this picture needs any further explanation. 

Now, I cannot give all of the details about this change, but I will ask for your prayers.  I will be taking some classes this spring and summer.  I am HOPING that in my future I will be able to make a pretty significant career change.... more on that at a later date!

Alrighty, folks, that's all for now!  Have a super Thursday!  TOMORROW IS FRIDAY...WOOHOO!!!!

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