Sunday, December 30, 2012

on a lighter note

 We were SO lazy Saturday around our house.  JP was with his daddy, so Preston recruited me as his playmate.  Lucky me!  He was not happy that I only put my feet in his tent...he wanted all of me to sit in it with him. That was easier said than done.  Trust me.
 Papa was a good sport!
Me and curls after church this morning...he wanted to "drive" the truck while Nanny and Papa finished their lunch. 
Well, I hope that everyone has had a blessed Sunday.  I fought the urge to cover my head this morning and remain in bed all day.  As always, I am glad that I did.  Church was awesome, as usual.  The choir was especially great.  The first song they sang the congregation was asked to join in on...
"We've been made more than conquerors
Overcomers in this life
We've been made more than conquerors
Through the blood of Jesus Christ"
Thank God for that.  Joy comes in the morning.....

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