Tuesday, December 11, 2012

i need to get away... desperately

 I was daydreaming today.  In my dream, I was sitting on a towel in the white sand with a novel and an IPod.  I was far away and I was alone.  The only thing I could hear were the waves crashing onto the shore.  (And the voices in my head, of course!)  They are ALWAYS with me!  My eyes were closed.  It was so real.   I could almost feel the sweet breeze brushing against my eyelids and taste the salt in the air.  The only problem was, when I opened my eyes, I was laying on my bed and not on the beach.   Grrr.  I am taking this as a serious sign that I NEED to get away!  Wouldn't you agree?   I always talk about how God has blessed me with wonderful family and friends.  One of my precious friends JUST HAPPENED to build a house on Pawley's Island this summer.  She told me recently that I was welcome to use their house any time I needed it...  I think I need it!   So, hopefully some time after Christmas, JP and I can head to the Island to unwind and relax.  Mmmm, my neck feels a little less stiff just thinking of it. 
Tomorrow is HUMP day!  Yay!  It has been a pretty uneventful week so far.  And trust me, living in our corner of the world,  that's a big deal.  Laurie is continuing to recover fairly well.  She is going to call her surgeon and ask if he can schedule her next (and hopefully final) surgery before Christmas.  That may or may not happen.  Continue to pray for her. 
Speaking of Christmas...I cannot believe it is almost here!  I am feeling a little more prepared mentally and emotionally, (thanks to the kiddos in our house), but I am definitely NOT ready from a gift standpoint.  Of course, I am the procrastinator who waits until school lets out to shop.  Somehow it always manages to get done in time. 
Well, I guess that's all for now.   I hope everyone is having a SUPER week so far!

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