Saturday, December 1, 2012

surprise 60th for my sweet mom!

 Mom's birthday is not until Monday, but we surprised her with a party at my aunt's house tonight!  It was so much fun and she didn't have a CLUE!
 Me and the birthday girl

 Okay, there is a story behind these outfits!  My mom has a t'shirt that is SO WORN OUT and it says "Camp Wherethehekarewe."  (I grew up camping, so the shirt had an RV on it.)  She also has a pair of socks that are very busy that she would wear with pants that are too short.  It's just sortof her "uniform,"  if you will.  It's a running joke in our family.  So, for her party, Jamie and Natalie came dressed up like would have to understand mom's attire to truly appreciate it...It was hilarious!
 Good food

 Jodi (my middle sister), Rose (my aunt), and Kathi

 Judy and Sandra (my other two aunts)

 Mom and her middle daughter.

 Me and my baby sis!  It is so difficult for her to get out and moving...I am so glad she didn't miss the party.
 Kathi playing with the babies
 Me and my brother cousin, BJay
 Miss seeing this girl!!  I'm gonna have to drive to Seneca and spend time with her more often, even if her house is COMPLETELY outfitted in TIGER-attire!  I still love her!
 Miss Lindi and her CRAZY hair.  Her mom was not there tonight...she would have had a FIT!  LOL  Sorry, BJay!
 My only Gamecock ally in the room!
 Me and my bubba!

Tonight was so much fun.  We love you, mom!  Thank you for being OUR EVERYTHING.  Literally.

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